art as unique as the life you live

if you're looking for colorful, bold original art... 

look no further.

Hi! I'm Kristi. Fine Artist on a mission to create beautifully bold art that speaks to your heart.

You are worthy of living a bold life and you deserve art that reflects your unique, colorful story.

Hi, sweet friend. I'm Kristi -- abstract expressionist artist in Atlanta, Georgia using bold colors, playful gestural markings, and lots of layers to create original art that reminds you to live boldly and confidently.

One of the first memories I have is "painting" the underneath part of my mattress with my mom's lipstick that I had, ahem.. "borrowed" from her bathroom. I didn't know it then, hiding under the bed working on my masterpiece, but it's clear to me now that God has been weaving together my story, calling me to create bold, colorful art that speaks to your heart.

As a recovering people-pleaser (more on that below), I use my art to remind myself, and hopefully you, that you were meant to be uniquely you in this world. To make a little magic from mess, bring some calm to chaos, and to elevate your walls with one-of-a-kind art. 

Just like you would hate to show up to a party and see someone wearing the same dress you're in; you deserve to be surrounded by art that will elevate your walls and make you the envy of your friends (the ones still showing up to the party in the same dresses :) )

...and I'm here to fill your walls with original art that speaks from and to the heart.

Your life is too beautiful for boring art

Pull up a rocking chair on my *virtual* front porch and sit a minute, would you?

a bit about me

A recovering people-pleaser who grew up in sweet home Alabama and who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with my hunka-hunk of a husband, Charles, and our precious Bernedoodle, Poppy. Poppy also serves as quite the ferocious studio guard-dog and supervisor and makes frequent appearances around here.

These days you’ll find me in my little studio in our backyard, typically barefoot in my paintin' overalls, surrounded by hydrangeas, with white shiplap walls that I love to see get messy with splashes of colorful paint (sorry, Joanna). 

If you’ve followed along my journey for a while, you’ve probably seen a great progression from muted abstract art to the more bold, colorful art I create today. 

It wasn’t long ago that I had people-pleased and doubted myself into living in the shadows. Going with the flow each day - losing who I was from trying so hard to be who others wanted, expected, or thought I should be. 

Not fully knowing and comprehending who, or Whose I was, I found myself divorced at 27 and more lost than ever. In that dark cave is where the magic started to happen, though it didn’t feel so magical at the time. I learned then that God promises to always work things together for our good and His glory, but that just because it is good, doesn’t mean it *feels* good. 

Though I had painted all of my life, it was at this time that I began really throwing myself into my art. A knee injury kept me from my typical therapy-session of post-work runs and I found myself coming home from my job at Auburn University and pouring my heart across a canvas. Those late nights of painting healed my soul in more ways than I can articulate and led to a tiny apartment with every square inch on the floor and walls covered with canvases.

Then one day, my twin sister showed up and told me I wasn’t allowed to buy another blank canvas until I started sharing my art with the world (thanks, twinks). 
Through some amazing grace, incredible friends and family, a hunka-hunk of a husband, and a lot of heart work, I learned to walk confidently, clothed in strength and dignity, armed with my paint brushes ready to share some Truth with art that speaks to the heart. I started to see this show up in my studio and was amazed.

My muted, oftentimes boring, art was playing small and was still a form of people pleasing. As I became more aware of and confident in who I am, and Whose I am, I began to see my true, colorful, authentically bold self expressed across the canvas. That's when I realized just how much I AM #OVER BORING ART (do people still hashtag things?).  My mission is to create authentically bold art for those of you who, like I do, need the reminder that your most authentic self is your most beautiful self. Art that speaks from my heart and whispers (or shouts!) to your soul.

Because bold, colorful art serves to remind you to live your most authentically bold, colorful life. 

To walk confidently, head held high, clothed in strength and dignity — never again second guessing who you are, because you know Whose you are.

I don’t want one more person losing who they are in this world because they forget, or were never told, Whose they are. Not on my watch. 

Walls can talk, and I’m here to make sure yours remind you that you have a beautiful, unique place in this world. That you were created on and for a purpose - to live boldly while on this side of eternity and to let your light shine each and every day.

Reminding you with each brush stroke, splash of color, gestural marking, or layer of texture that there is beauty in your own messy story, that you were called to be bold (for your good and His glory), armed with the confidence that you are worthy, valued, and celebrated for being exactly who you are.

Carrie M.

"Working with Kristi was such a fun process to go through! Providing initial ideas for what we were looking for, and then giving feedback throughout the process to make sure that it was exactly what we wanted in our home. Kristi was able to take the vision that I had and put it into reality, sometimes by incorporating my feedback for changes/additions, and sometimes by giving her own feedback about what could be done differently based on her expertise and artistic eye. I felt like a collaborator throughout the process, which also provides me an extra level of ownership in our pieces that I would not have found in art purchased from a home store."

Kelli F.

"Kristi's work is always uniquely designed to fit the needs of her collectors. In her collections, it's easy to tell that each one tells a story. Truly beautiful. 

For years I purchased mass produced art... once I got the opportunity to buy an original piece form Kristi, I decided I could never go back! The attention to detail and time put into an original art piece is unmatched."

Sarah K.

"I love my painting so much because it's unique and inspires a sense of peace to me. Kristi was able to take my ideas and combine them with her artistic eye to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art for me that I love. I see the mountains and the oceans, the colors of the sky and the colors of the water. She perfectly captured my love of traveling and nature's beauty in a work of art that I will forever cherish." 

Tricia M.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don't know how you did it, but you have beautifully and perfectly captured the colors that sing to me in a creation that captures movement with so many layers of details and interest." 

Caroline C.

"I find so much peace in the foundation of each piece of work. Every time I walk past my beautiful piece of original art, "Seek First His Kingdom" floods my mind and heart and instantly ground me...
There is something so personal and captivating about Kristi's art. The piece from Kristi's collection grabbed me by the collar and said, "you NEED me".

Kelli F.

"Kristi's work is always uniquely designed to fit the needs of her collectors. In her collections, it's easy to tell that each one tells a story. Truly beautiful. 

For years I purchased mass produced art... once I got the opportunity to buy an original piece form Kristi, I decided I could never go back! The attention to detail and time put into an original art piece is unmatched."

Sandy N.

"Kristi's work is a product of her heart - sincere and beautiful."

Strom M.

"I love my art from Kristi! I have four of her beautiful paintings in my dining room. The colors are fabulous and really make my house a home! Kristi is not only very talented, but she is a delight to work with. I always look forward to seeing what she is creating next!"

Sydney M.

"It means everything to me. I do not collect art unless it's got a story and this has a special story for me!"

"The abstract quality was beautiful but I found representation of my favorite things in it and that just blew me away.
Kristi was so open to my opinions and thoughts and genuinely wanted me to be happy with my piece.

Katie W.

"Original art makes a statement. It transforms a space instantly. Small and large pieces captivate. Beautiful work captivates and holds a story. Each painting I own has something unique that I love to tell visitors about!"

...and my heart’s desire is to help your walls share your story through intentionally created, sophisticated, refined original art. Whether it’s a piece that reminds you of a warm summer afternoon sippin’ tea on a big wrap around porch with your Mimi, or a colorful canvas full of life and texture that reminds you of the sights and smells of your favorite European vacation, or a calming neutral palette with shades of dusty blues and golds that take you back to that perfectly majestic beach sunset...

I wish I could invite you in to kick your shoes off, sit on my couch and talk about love and life, to learn more about your dreams and passions, the little things that make your heart giddy and to share my story with you; a story of how some sweet grace brought me to sharing my art with the world. More importantly, to hear your story. Unfortunately we aren’t curled up on the couch chatting (maybe with a fresh cup of coffee and warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies??), but it is my mission to create art that shares a unique story, through brush strokes and palette-knife textures that speak both from and to the heart.

Because this beautiful life is anything but boring, and you deserve one-of-a-kind art that speaks to your one-of-a-kind heart, sweet friend.

you have a story unique to you

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art that speaks from and to the heart

so what *exactly* do I mean when I say

As an artist, the more I give of myself-- the more of myself I give to my art, the more both my collectors and I get.

A work of art, a finished masterpiece, is more than the sum of its parts.

Each layer a reflection of the energy, joy, and emotion the artist bring to the canvas.

I pour my heart out in the form of paints and pastels -- with loud shouts and quiet whispers through bold strokes and gestural marks,. in turn, the canvas speaks to the heart of its viewer.

Every mark a word from my heart...

... reminding you to walk daily in the confidence and assurance that you are a part of a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, and that you were created to live a bold life while on this side of eternity.


My hunka-hunk of a husband.
(cheesy? yes. true? also, yes.)

He is the man(n) of my prayers in so many ways and I truly wouldn't be able to do this without him.

He brought the bold, color into my life by loving me for who I am, pushing me to be who God created me to be, constantly encouraging me, and giving me the type of support that makes a girl feel confidently fearless when chasing her dreams.

these are a few of my 


Family heirlooms + traditions

Blame it on being a southerner, but I'm a sucker for family stories, traditions, and heirlooms.

For our wedding, I surprised Charles by walking down the aisle to his late father's favorite song, "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles. He had no idea we were incorporating the song, his dad's record player, or this sweet moment into the wedding day. These little moments, these special touches -- they make my heart flutter and inspire creativity in big ways.

these are a few of my 


Handwritten notes

I have handwritten notes, birthday cards, and cards from about every holiday or special occasion stored away. I may be a hoarder, but I just can't part with them.

There's something so special about savoring someone taking the time to send some love on ink + paper.

these are a few of my 


Our Poppy-Girl

Confession: I am not a natural-born dog lover; BUT -- I am absolutely obsessed with our little Bernedoodle and cannot imagine life without her.

She is the sweetest, snuggle buddy and yet has so much sass and personality. 

Let's be honest, she's the star of the show around here and in my studio (and I wouldn't have it any other way)

these are a few of my 

favorite things





Chicken Wings






running outside
bubble baths
painting (obvi)

"me time"


The Royal family


encouraging + empowering women 
hearing others' stories

quiet time with papa

stories of redemption + second chances

... did i mention fashion/the royals
(Hi, Kate!)

Kitchen dance parties

black tie events 
(have to give my paintin overalls a rest)


speed date style

that's what happens when your life is rocked by some pretty amazing grace.



my hunk-a-hunk of a husband

he's my biggest supporter and I wouldn't be able to do it without him.

our Poppy-girl

the cutest Bernedoodle + studio helper you ever did see. 

being a Southerner

I just can't help it, y'all -- all things quintessential southern/American make my heart giddy. Sweet tea on a swing under the 100-year-old magnolia tree? Yes, please!

90's/2000's Rap, Hip Hop + Country References

cliche? Maybe... but what can I say?
I'm a product of my generation
(though, my Daddy did raise me to love The Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, and some classic 80's rock, so we can say I'm well-rounded)

" bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair."
Isaiah 61:3 (NIV)

"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light."
 1 Peter 2:9 (NIV)

real moments


gorgeous florals

let's be friends

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